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Latest news on Steve Hackett's new album, Genesis Revisited II (Inside Out Music)

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Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited II

Following the release on 22nd October of legendary guitarist Steve Hackett's newest album, Genesis Revisited II which comes in a limited edition 2CD Media-book, as well as a 4LP & 2CD version, Steve is proud to announce details of his forthcoming 2013 world tour. The tour will be a special production and something of a departure from his recent live shows.

This will mark the first time any original former member of Genesis has toured the band's repertoire solely from the 1971 - 1977 period and will comprise songs co-written by Steve from that period, including such classics as Supper's Ready, Dancing with the Moonlit Knight and The Musical Box. The line-up will feature the addition of Nad Sylvan as principal vocalist on several songs. The tour will commence in the US in early March and reach the UK in May 2013. For anyone who was a fan of Genesis, this will be a 'must see' event. Further dates to be announced.

The eagerly awaited album includes some of the most respected vocalists of our days in Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth), Simon Collins (Phil Collins' son), Amanda Lehmann, Conrad Keely, Francis Dunnery, Neal Morse, John Wetton, Nad Sylvan and Nik Kershaw; Steve Rothery of Marillion and Roine Stolt of The Flower Kings and Transatlantic also join in to share guitar duties, while Jeremy Stacey and Gary O'Toole are amongst the chosen drummers. The album will be available in different formats, including a limited edition 2CD Media-book, and a unique 4LP & 2CD version. It's a project of Wagnerian proportions! Steve says. I've remained true to the spirit of the original songs, whilst changing and highlighting details. The vocalists all contribute their own character to the whole. For track list details please see below.

This time around, I've tried to satisfy what everyone wants, including myself - comments Hackett on his choice for the track list. Initially, I was thinking of just going for the best songs not featured on the first album. But then people thought I should do those tracks where the guitar was emphasized. So, I've done both. I've also included four songs with Genesis threads, most of which were written during the period and had a Genesis feel, such as the co-written 'Shadow of the Hierophant'.

Go back to the seminal Golden Era with Steve Hackett and his guests as they honour a truly unforgettable music legend.


Release dates for Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited II

19/10/2012: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway
22/10/2012: UK, Benelux, Portugal, France, Denmark, Greece, rest of Europe
23/10/2012: North America, Italy, Spain
24/10/2012: Sweden, Hungary
26/10/2012: Australia, New Zealand, Finland

Album tracklist

Tracklisting Disc 1:
The Chamber of 32 Doors (6:00)
Horizons (1:41)
Supper's Ready (23:35)
The Lamia (7:47)
Dancing With The Moonlit Knight (8:10)
Fly On A Windshield (2:54)
Broadway Melody of 1974 (2:23)
The Musical Box (10:57)
Can-Utility And The Coastliners (5:50)
Please Don't Touch (4:03)
- Total: 73:20
Mikael Akerfeldt - vocals (3)
Nick Beggs - bass (1,9)
Simon Collins - vocals (3)
Dick Driver - double bass (1,10)
Francis Dunnery - vocals (3,5)
Rachel Ford - cello (1)
John Hackett - flute (1,4,5,10)
Steve Hackett - guitar (1-10) vocal (3)
Conrad Keely - vocals (3)
Nik Kershaw - vocals (4)
Roger King - keyboards (1, 3-10)
Dave Kerzner - additional keyboards (3)
Gary O'Toole - drums (1,4,6,7,8,9,10) vocals (6,7)
Lee Pomeroy - bass (3,4,5,6,7,8,10)
Steve Rothery - guitar (4)
Jeremy Stacey - drums (3,5)
Nad Sylvan - vocals (1,8)
Christine Townsend - violin, viola (1,9)
Rob Townsend - soprano sax, whistle (5) soprano sax (8) whistle (9)
Steven Wilson - vocals (9)

Tracklisting Disc 2:
Blood On The Rooftops (6:56)
The Return Of The Giant Hogweed (8:46)
Entangled (6:35)
Eleventh Earl Of Mar (7:51)
Ripples (8:14)
Unquiet Slumbers For The Sleepers (2:12)
In That Quiet Earth (4:47)
Afterglow (4:09)
A Tower Struck Down (4:45)
Camino Royale (6:19)
Shadow Of The Hierophant (10:45)
- Total: 71:28
Nick Beggs - bass (4,7,11)
Djabe (Attila Égaházi - guitar, Ferenc Kovács - trumpet, Szilárd Banai - drums, Tamás Barabás - bass, Zoltán Kovács - piano) (10)
Dick Driver - double bass (1,9)
Rachel Ford - cello (1,9)
John Hackett - flute (2,9)
Steve Hackett - guitar (1-11) vocal (10)
Jakko Jakszyk - vocals (3)
Roger King - keyboards (1-11)
Amanda Lehmann - vocals (5,11) harmony vocals (3,8)
Nick Magnus - keyboards, atmospheres (10)
Neal Morse - vocals (2)
Phil Mulford - bass (1,5,8)
Gary O'Toole - drums (1,2,4,5,6,7,8,10,11) vocal (1)
Lee Pomeroy - bass (2)
Roine Stolt - guitar (2)
Nad Sylvan - vocals (4)
Christine Townsend - violin, viola (1,9)
Rob Townsend - soprano sax (1,7,11) tenor sax (10) flute (11)
John Wetton - vocals (8)
Steven Wilson - guitar (11)

Cast List

Roger King, Amanda Lehmann, Christine Townsend, Dave Kerzner, Dick Driver, Francis Dunnery, Gary O'Toole, John Hackett, John Wetton, Mikael Akerfeldt, Nad Sylvan, Nik Kershaw, Phil Mulford, Rachel Ford, Roine Stolt, Steve Rothery, Nick Magnus, Neal Morse, Jeremy Stacey, Conrad Keely, Nick Beggs, Steven Wilson, Rob Townsend, Jakko Jakszyk, Simon Collins, Lee Pomeroy, Djabe

Produced by Steve Hackett and Roger King
Mixed and mastered by Roger King
Additional production: Benedict Fenner, Dave Kerzner; Chris Frenchie Smith, Alex Lyon
Special Effects by Charlie Dodd
Cover and Photoartwork: Maurizio & Angela Vicedomini
Design by Harry Pearce