Tour De Force!
October 2017

Photo by Robert Juckett

Photo © Robert Juckett

The GENESIS REVISITED, SOLO GEMS & GTR Tour de Force will tour North, Central and South America in Feb / March 2018...

By popular demand, both Supper's Ready and Dancing With The Moonlit Knight are back in the Genesis set, along with One for the Vine, The Musical Box, Firth of Fifth, Fountain of Salmacis, Inside & Out and more!

As well as new and old solo songs, I'm thrilled to add numbers not played for a long time, such as GTR's 'When the Heart Rules the Mind'. It feels as exciting revisiting it now as it did in the 1980s, with its powerful energy, strong harmonies and big guitar sound. The GTR album went gold along with a hit single in the States, so I'm proud to bring back that song!

It's now the fortieth anniversary of my second album Please Don't Touch. We'll be leaping into the title track, not played by the Hackett band for many years... By popular demand Icarus Ascending is back too and Nad takes it to the powerful heights achieved on record by the late great Richie Havens!

We're all looking forward to taking this exciting tour through the Americas from the Northern to Southern Hemisphere... More South American shows to be announced, so watch this space!

Photo by Luca Sguazzardo

Photo © by Luca Sguazzardo 2017

Photo by Michael Aarons

Photo © by Michael Aarons 2017

Photo by Lee Millward

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hoto by Michael Aarons

Photo © by Michael Aarons 2017

Photo by Rick Pauline

Photo © by Rick Pauline 2017

Photo by Christophe Pauly

Photo © by Christophe Pauly 2017

Photo by Iconphoto

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Photo by Roger Salem

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Photo by Jim Buntinx

Photo © by Jim Buntinx 2017