A tale of two Hungarian cities
October 2017

Budapest Djabe show. Photo by Monika Pilhal

Budapest Djabe show
Photo © by Monika Pilhál



It was terrific for Jo and me, along with Richard Buckland to spend a few days again with Djabe pals and Icelandic drummer Gulli Briem in Hungary.

Following a couple of rehearsal days in Budapest our mini 'United Nations' team headed off to Györ, a lovely picturesque old city in the North West of Hungary. Like Budapest, it has its roots in the distant past, and its domes and spires overlook the river running through... The gig there was great fun with a receptive local crowd.

Returning to Budapest, as ever I marvelled at the city, with its imposing hilltop statues and historical buildings towering above the Danube. At a venue on the beautiful hilly region of Buda we played our second show to an equally appreciative audience.

Some of the numbers were from "Life is a Journey - The Sardinia Tapes", an album featuring myself with Djabe and Gulli which comes out today! For info and to purchase...

I would like to thank Attila Égerházi and the team, and we always look forward to joining them again!

Tamas, Gulli, Attila, Steve and Aron holding Life is a Journey vinyls

Tamás, Gulli, Attila, Steve and Áron holding "Life is a Journey" vinyls

Gulli, Monika, Attila, Richard, Steve and Jo

Gulli, Monika, Attila, Richard, Steve and Jo

Steve in Gyor

Steve in Györ