New kid on the blog - Amanda Lehmann - December 09

Paris show

Amanda's debut - the Paris show
Photo © Ben Fenner

Duelling guitars at the Norwich show

Duelling guitars at the Norwich show
Photo © Kevin Lunham

Steve and the two non-non blondes

Steve and the two blondies
Photo © Lulu Kyriacou

Last night was Leamington Spa... the last show of the 2009 Train on the Road Tour, and what a great night it was! In fact, what a great tour it's been! I've enjoyed every show that I've done, my debut being the Alhambra in Paris... I had no idea how this unexpected new girlie element would be received by audiences, but the Parisian contingent seemed welcoming... and I quickly succumbed to the energy of the night and enjoyed every minute of it!

The Shepherds Bush show has to go down as another high point of the tour, and for me the UEA show was particularly memorable, being in my home town of Norwich... with friends and family in the audience, it was quite a moving experience.

As for working with the band... well what a splendid bunch of chaps they are... never a dull moment, no lack of laughter therapy, and each one a superb musician in their own right, working together as one, so the band becomes more than the sum of the parts...

So as the train hurtles out of the tunnel's mouth, I feel priviledged and happy to be on board, and am looking forward to continuing on this musical journey... next stop? Watch this space...

Amanda Lehmann - December 2nd 2009

The gang

The gang