Beyond the shrouded image - August 11

Beyond the Shrouded Horizon

Beyond the Shrouded Horizon

As there has already been a considerable amount of interest shown so far in the forthcoming new album cover, I felt it appropriate for Harry Pearce to share his personal recollections of taking this intriguing image. Here are some words from Harry himself...


On almost the last day of April this year I rose long before dawn on the beautiful ledge of Banjar Baung, overlooking the jungle valley floor.

I had been told by my dear friend Stefan Sagmiester, with whom I was staying, that I should see the sunrise from the top of volcano Batur deep in the heart of Bali.

I set off with a driver and guide at about 4.30 and got to the mountain top long before the sun rose. It was freezing, and there was rain in the clouds that capped the mountain.

Apart from a few lanterns that marked out the wet steps down the mountain side there was no light at all.

It's a beautiful place, that as the sun made its way above the horizon I was able to slowly see. Surrounded by dense foliage, parts of old buildings began to appear - always half hidden in trees. Sounds of dripping leaves and the odd chatter of birds... Nothing more.

The darkness seemed to linger for an age, and I realised I was surround by dense cloud. Occasionally the clouds would break, and I'd get a tiny glimpse of the glimmer of sun on a great lake many miles below, in the heart of this ancient volcano.

I kept shooting from darkness into light, catching moments - rich layers of forest, ruins, and mysterious paths that would disappear and reappear at beguiling intervals, descending down into the mist.

I never stayed till full light, I felt it would have spoiled the mystery, and I wanted it to remain with me forever as such.

Harry Pearce

Harry Pearce