Déjà Vu - March 2019

It's made it into the set!

Like a deleted scene from Selling England By The Pound there was a delicate soulful little gem that Peter Gabriel brought to the band whilst we were writing that classic Genesis album.

Many years later I mentioned the unfinished song to Pete who was happy to let me bring his idea to fruition as a co-write. I included it as Déjà Vu on Genesis Revisited 1 with Paul Carrack on vocals plus the Royal Philharmonic... I always felt it should have been included on the Selling England album. It had a hint of Ray Charles with a sliver of Vaughn Williams... The kind of song that Jimmy Webb might have written.

I've promised to play the whole of Selling England on the upcoming tour and I feel that this 'missing scene' should definitely be included.

I see Selling England as an epic album which had the distinction of gaining the band John Lennon's attention when he said Genesis was one of the bands he was listening to - back in '73... Yes, it was a very good year for me as I realised we had something very special to offer at that time. I felt that I was playing in the world's best band.

Playing the whole thing live again feels just as exciting as it was then and perhaps even more so, knowing that this Cinderella song finally gets to go to the ball!

Déjà Vu will be played live at last along with those other cherished songs from Selling England By The Pound in its entirety.


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Photo © Tina Korhonen