At The Edge Of Light - October 2018

At The Edge Of Light

At The Edge Of Light - Artwork © Angéla & Maurizio Vicedomini

I'm particularly excited by this new album, which takes on the wide dynamics created by a host of instruments, vocals, musical genres and influences from around the world.

My guitar weaves throughout, whilst Rob's sax tugs at the heart, Christine's strings uplift the spirit, Sheema's sitar flies with all that powerful exotica, Paul's didgeridoo with Rob's duduk entice you down into the Underworld, Durga and Lorelei's voices invoke the potent soul of America's Deep South, Amanda's vocals express an extraordinary emotional beauty, mine interplay, and drummers Gulli, Gary, Nick and Simon along with Jonas' bass and Dick's double bass all underpin the album with extraordinary drive. Roger's genius weaves all these sounds together with the addition of his uplifting keyboards, along with incredible orchestral and choral constructions.

Many places and experiences contributed to the twists and turns of this project, from the excitement of hearing Tamil drummers thundering away beside an ancient temple in Southern India, to the overwhelming joy of standing beside a Navaho guide on a high rocky outcrop surrounded by those massive, towering castle-like structures of Monument Valley...

This album both celebrates the sublime magic of life and looks down into the bottomless void. Forces strongly interplay as love and hatred, peace and war, day and night, the mysteries of life and death, light and dark....

In today's dangerous times, spirit is quickened and senses are sharpened as we precariously stand at the edge of light.

Photo by Tina Korhonen

Photo © Tina Korhonen