Tokyo Tapes Revisited - June 13

Steve with the Tokyo Tapes CD/DVD

Steve with the Tokyo Tapes CD/DVD

It had been a lifelong dream to see Japan. The short tour when Tokyo Tapes was recorded was my first visit, taking in Osaka, Nagoya, Kyoto and the capital itself. We travelled by the super efficient bullet train between cities. By contrast, it was as if time had stopped in Kyoto, the spiritual centre full of tranquil shrines - an homage to the old Japan of my dreams. I've enjoyed all my subsequent trips to that beautiful land, particularly in recent times when Jo and I explored several of the more mystical places.

The DVD was recorded in Tokyo itself, where it was thrilling to play with John Wetton, Ian Macdonald, Chester Thompson and Julian Colbeck, such an obviously great team of performers. We tried to cover as much of our individual musical histories as possible with a healthy dose of Genesis, King Crimson, Asia and solo material.

On the CD part of this reissue, out on 24th June, is a new bonus studio version of "All Along the Watchtower" with John Wetton on glorious vocal form! I feel this CD/DVD package stands the test of time and I hope everyone enjoys it still as much as I do...


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