Steve Hackett and Band
Genesis Revisited II Tour at Cardiff St David's Hall May 11th 2013

The collective anticipation for this show must have been massive as I am sure when we were first treated to the opening strains of Watcher of the Skies and the brilliant lighting effect there was a huge intake of breath through the hall.

The show was so good that it's hard to find words to describe its brilliance. For over 2 and a half hours we were treated to some glorious recreations of classic progressive Genesis from the era when they were a rock band. Clarity and power mingled with gentler moments (Entangled blew me away) - by the time it came to the encores my sister asked me "what could they possibly do next". The answer of course was my personal favourite that brought tears of joy to my eyes - Firth of Fifth.

Never having had the opportunity to see Genesis in their classic era, this was the next best thing. I never imagined I'd get to hear Supper's Ready live!

The atmosphere was fantastic, the audience hanging on every note and spontaneously standing to applaud individual numbers. The band was magnificent - Nad Sylvan is a new hero, he dealt with everything beautifully, Lee Pomeroy couldn't seem to stop smiling and did some epic work on bass and pedals.

As an ageing fan of Steve's music and progressive era Genesis this was a treat beyond imagining - I knew it would be good, but could hardly have imagined HOW good. So good I'm going to Bristol later in the tour. Don't hesitate - see a show if you can!!

Gareth Richards,
May 2013