Steve Hackett & Band - Genesis Revisited Gig
Brussels, April 15th 2013

Could it have been any different. Watcher of the Skies gloriously introduced the sumptuous setlist of Genesis Revisited. The mind blowing impact of Bach's fuga revisited. The sudden fall-out of certain Banksian sounds halfway the anthem could hardly temper the epic early Genesis mood. Until this slight inconvenience was solved, Steve wisely introduced the band's members. Hilariously enough, he initially forgot to mention Roger King, as was funnily pointed out by the crowd. A good joke or coincidence? Anyway, poor Roger! After the brief restoration, rich, enveloping sounds filled the hall again.

It was great to see Steve in a tiptop shape again. The same went for the band. Rob 'the chameleon' merrily jumped around, playing whatever he could grab to shake, rattle, smack or blow upon - not forgetting about playing the extra keyboard. Lee's double-neck guitar eyed impressive. Candy for the ears too, as we heard Rutherfordian passages reappearing from good times relived. Gary proved once more he's not only a world class drummer when raising his remarkable voice. 'Blood On The Rooftops' chilled our veins once again. Talking vocals, Nad impressed with his grand, theatrical posture. Not an imitation of Peter or Phil, rather than a charismatic personality of his own, matching the early Genesis tradition remarkably well. No fox's head or old man's mask needed - that was reserved to some guys of the Scottish crowd. Amanda was missed though, but she's got good reasons for being an absent friend.

From the lengthy epic GR II-doubler, inevitably, a few greats couldn't be rendered. No sobbing though, for a generous palette of other goodies easily fulfilled our appetite (I will not go into detail regarding the setlist as this may possibly act as a spoiler). The moody light show and digital screens generously framed the legendary soundscape. Yes, supper's been served in style. Now we're quite hungry for desert some other time, hopefully not too far away.

Meeting Steve and his charming wife Jo backstage was an uplifting event I hardly dared to think of. More than thirty five years of anxiety to even just stand in front of this living legend almost evaporated at the time of the actual meet up. Steve and Jo are such nice, gentle people who set you at ease in no time. Now it seems I'm cured from some unnecessary anxiety, finally realizing that Steve Hackett is also a human being, just like you and me, but with overwhelming talents one can hardly comprehend.

Jim Buntinx,
April 16th 2013